Woman with a Blonde Hair - Custom Hair Services in Phoenix, AZ

In Hair Distress? Call SOS.

Welcome to SOS! Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Seantel Oliver. I have lived in Arizona for 26 years and have had a passion for hair ever since I was a young girl. I see being a stylist as not only a job but as a fulfilling lifestyle. It is instant satisfaction in my clients' eyes as well as instant satisfaction and gratification in mine.
At SOS, I differ from other stylists because I customize hair services to each individual client while still maintaining a reasonable and affordable price. Not everyone can use the same product as one another, SOS makes sure you have the exact product for your specific hair and scalp type. I have a wide variety of requests ranging from fun spunky colors,
Seantel Oliver - Custom Hair Services in Phoenix, AZ
to matching the perfect natural color, and everything in between. I am flexible, reliable, and use the best products for your hair. Competitive pricing, creative styling and lots of smiling! Don't distress- call S.O.S.